Over the last few years, we have seen an explosion of devices and computation power. So learning to apply and use what the hardware of hundreds of GPUs has just delivered will be the next big challenge. Experts believe that the next phase of technology growth will be to use the current day computing power efficiently and optimally.

Now let us just follow what happened in the past few years. The performance of such computers that we use today is largely measured in Flops.  GPT 3 arrived in 2020 and trained on 314 million Peta FLOPs producing high-quality text close to contemporary human writing. Just two years later Minerva arrived in 2022 trained on 2.7 billion Peta Flops and can solve complex maths problems at the college level. In two years there was nearly a 10x rise. Importantly Accelerated Computing GPUs transformed and could be used not only for gaming but for several other domains like bioscience, financial trading, and driverless cars. As a result, several general-purpose computers were replaced in the high-speed super computer market by GPUs. But then computers or AI by themselves cannot solve human problems and we still have many problems to solve.

Business Analytics

And that problem-solving is the Business Analytics part of applying AI technology.  Prescriptive Analytics is an advanced method of application of  AI technology that finds your desired solutions to your problems. It is designed to find an optimum route to meet your business goals.       

  • It analyses your problem and business goals and devises an AI-driven solution with no human input. Whereas descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics need humans to make decisions prescriptive analytics includes all aspects of business analytics with AI-driven decision-making.
  • So in any business, you have a preset objective of profit which is normal and legitimate. You can feed it into your computer and it learns and monitors that process repeatedly and flawlessly. But if that machine is taught to find ways of maximizing profits according to your business objective then it not only becomes a performing machine but an Intelligent and thinking machine
  • Here we see a global e-commerce giant that is a leader in using Prescriptive Analytics and AI  for its business growth and constantly innovating business processes to maximize profits and we will discuss one of its very interesting case studies.

See this video for more details :

How Can we Make it Happen? An AI driven solution.

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