The Nvidia stock has been booming since 2022 and its market cap has jumped from $400 billion to $1970 billion in the last two years. The chip maker has completely transformed the high-end computing industry with accelerated computing. The era of human programming is over. Now Generative AI will do the programming as per your instructions in your language. No, Artificial Intelligence will not replace human intelligence. It will only replace the backbreaking programming work that only 20 million people – the elite developers community understood. We will still need human intelligence to solve human problems. You will still be needed for developing IoT, Robotics, Blockchain or Telehealth solutions, and other innovative technologies for future living.

‘The era of the Central Processing Unit CPU that lasted for over sixty years is over’ says its founder Jensen Huang. Nvidia’s Graphic Processing Unit GPUs which dominated the gaming industry for more than a decade is ready to take over the world. Why ? Well – The CPUs that started with IBM 360 in the sixties had programmers writing the code and developing solutions and testing them to check if they worked. In the GPU the solution is provided to the computer and the AI works backward from the provided data set and provides the programming needed. Hence it is much more energy efficient and cost effective. GPUs have been around for more than a decade. But now Nvidia’s GPUs are more flexible to do other applications than just gaming. Over the last decade, Nvidia’s focus has shifted from PC graphics to AI-based solutions that support high-performance computing HPC, and augmented and virtual reality AR/VR solutions to bioscience, aerospace, and every other industry. Its graphic processing unit, GPUs that initially helped the gaming industry grow for 30 long years has found many applications in the last decade. It has now transformed and is helping develop top technology products like supercomputers, robotics, drug discovery, and self-driving vehicles. Jensen Huang’s GPUs are in every cloud and every industry.

Nvidia has more than 1000 GPU clusters worldwide and the Chinese cluster has more than 2000 GPUs and the Japanese clusters have more than 1000 GPUs. Nvidia has been able to reduce supercomputing costs by a tenth with cutting-edge technology and its lead is so dominant that it booked orders of 50 supercomputers from US Fortune 500 companies in the last year to become the fourth largest company in the world in market cap only behind Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft.

What has changed?
Ease of computation. Programming will no longer be needed to handle technology. AI will handle that bit. Humans will instead need to understand what technology does, how it has evolved over time, the applications and the diverse streams of technology, and the use cases where and how it meets
human needs. Without human intelligence, AI cannot solve problems to help humans. Nor can it create threats and dangers for humans. We are still a decade or two ahead of the AI that can think on its own. Today it can only solve a given digital problem if provided with a database.

Also, AI cannot solve any physical problems or do physical work that humans can do. It cannot plow the soil without a digitized land mower, can’t water plants without a sprinkler, can’t harvest crop without a digitized harvester, can’t cook food without a well-trained robot, cannot sing without a connected music system. It cannot do any physical work that humans can do easily and independently.

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