Internet of Things addresses Kitchen needs too.

Technology for All – In English and Hindi – 2.

Welcome to the second session of ‘Technology for All – In English and Hindi’  which is a 15 minute video presented bi-weekly  on our You Tube video Channel Ecothrust and also available on our website

Technology for All video gives a birds eye view of all these technologies to the user who could be an artist, a farmer or dress designer, in simple language in English and Hindi. The timing is crucial, because the worldwide changes that are happening now are. not incremental, but tectonic by nature. This decade opens the door to a future that is more fascinating and threatening than fiction. 

 Have you ever felt left out when your friends or your colleagues discussed artificial intelligence or Bitcoins and you had nothing to say . I have. Although I did my engineering from IIT and had  spent 30 years in the industry, the tectonic changes of the last decade left me dumbfounded. So I began to dig deep and know about technologies that were relevant to us and were in daily use. Soon the journalist within me prompted me to write about them.
In my book Innovative Technologies for Future Living published by Routledge U.K. in Sept 2023 we discuss  10 technologies that will govern our lifestyle in the future. These 10 technologies from artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies are something we have to deal with very often in our lives ….and all without knowing much about them. 

No longer. Just listening  15 mins  to this ‘Technology for all – In English and Hindi’ video on the Ecothrust YouTube channel  every Sunday and Wednesday will give you a basic understanding of all these technologies even without going to a tech school. You can hear us free without registering or subscribing for the next six weeks and I am sure you would be able to join geeks in a group chat without feeling lost.……..

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