Industrial fairs are the best place to visit to learn about vast subjects like these, meet and hear manufacturers and experts and get a feel of a wide range of products and services. That is where you see hundreds of product exhibits, some of which you would have used and some of which you will be using shortly.

Unless you know and understand the features of these products and services you will not be able to choose correctly when brands compete for your attention at retail stores. Knowing the electronics and functionality of your ‘thing’ – be it  consumer durables or non durables will be the most important part of buying in the future, something that was never considered important in the pre-IoT age.

But today it is. Our learning goals is not limited to the classroom. We will take you to the heart of the industry and show you how you can keep learning by interacting with them on a continued basis

But even before that let us talk about the brands associated with IoT

The three biggest brands are Apple watches, August home security systems including smart locks and door bell camera and Belkin Wemo smart light switches.

In 2022 Apple sold 49 million smartwatches and has been reporting impressive quarterly rise in sales ever since. However the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) that could bar Apple from importing its Apple Watches after finding the devices violate medical technology company Masimo’s  patent rights. Apple has stopped selling Apple watches in the U.S that could hurt both its image and its substantial revenue of $15 billion plus annually from sales of watches. Augusta Home and Belkin are however much smaller products with sales under $30 million each.

So we look at the landmark events that showcase IoT each year so that our viewers can make best use of them. The first landmark event of the year is  NEPCON 2024 that has been going on for 30 years and will see the large electronic manufacturers of Japan and Asia showcase their products on Jan 24-26 at Tokyo, Japan. It will showcase 1650 exhibitors and 170 speakers and you can meet and interact with all major industry participants during the show.

Next in line is the 2024 in India an upcoming event from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb 2024 at KTPO, Whitefield Bengaluru, hosting 300 plus brands and 120 + speakers . You can attend conferences and workshops and participate in training programs by industry stalwarts.

The IoT Tech Expo North America will be held on 5 and 6th  June 2024 at Santa Clara CA.  The event has 250 plus speakers who will delve into the smart cities and industries, IoT security, data analytics, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, healthcare and many others. This will be followed by  IoT Tech Expo Europe 2024 that will be held on 1 to 2 October at Rai, Amsterdam that is expected to have 150+ speakers.

For the consumer these events will display popular IoT  devices being produced in the market. Smart mobiles, smart watches,  smart bicycles, smart refrigerators,  smart fire alarms, smart door locks, medical sensors, fitness trackers, smart security networks, are just a few examples of IoT products.

Keep updating your knowledge about technology products and we will be at your side giving you valuable insights about how the spinning wheel of knowledge moves.

In the thirteenth session of ‘Technology for All – In English and Hindi’  which is a 15 minute video presented bi-weekly  on our You Tube video Channel Ecothrust we cover the global events of IoT .        This is a 200 plus video series for technology literacy that talks of 10 technologies that would be key to future living based on our book Innovative Technologies for Future Living published by Routledge in September 2023. So look at the event list and the playlist to get the whole picture.

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