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Itsfutureliving.com is a platform for discussing opportunities and challenges that consumers and technology users face on a daily basis. We are authors who bring to the fore how breakthrough technologies, scientific discoveries and innovations are changing the world around us. So this is not a home for one author or one book but for a whole series of work and events around a single concept. The first book of this series is Innovative Technologies for Future Living authored by Sandip Sen and Aarohi Sen whose brief profiles are given here. This book is an exploratory journey into future innovations and their potential impact on society, business, environment, ethics and livelihood, narrated with history and anecdotes. As ‘things’ turn smart the Internet of Things are turning products into lifelong services. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are changing our lifestyle on a daily basis. Businesses are going through massive Digital Transformation to bring forth path-breaking innovations in telehealth and edutech, whereas Blockchain is driving Bitcoins fueling money laundering and tax evasion across geographies. These massive changes are affecting the uninitiated consumer. Our books are not written for experts and practitioners of technology but for billions of users who are using technology wether they are artisans or academics, doctors or engineers, artists or architects, sports or business person, chefs or clerics. The world of technology is getting more complex and intense. As we enter an era of conflict and competition leveraging technologies will be the key to how each nation and its citizens live in future. The book deals not only with ten technologies that will be household names of the future, but with the accompanying opportunities and threats that make it both interesting and debatable.

Author Bio

Sandip Sen is a widely published, best selling journalist and author. An engineer with over 30 years experience in the energy and manufacturing industry, Sen decided to switch careers in 2008. Thereafter he worked in print and digital media as an editor with several nationally distributed newspapers and magazines and has written more than a thousand articles on business, economy, technology, sustainability and geopolitics in business dailies and think tanks. He also appears in television as a guest speaker on multiple channels. He has written 3 books on economy and banking, of which one “India Emerging, From Policy Paralysis to Hyper Economics” published by Bloomsbury in 2019 has been co-authored with Aarohi Sen.

Aarohi Sen, who is the co-authoring the book Innovative Technologies for Future Living with Sandip Sen is an experienced thought leader at a leading consultancy firm that has a presence in fifty nations. He has been working on innovation in the future of IT and manufacturing for more than a decade. He is currently involved in managing a global research team that develops economic models around the themes of agile innovation, digital transformation and operational flexibility, and provides research insights into key client engagements. He has been writing for several global and in house publications for over a decade.

Suresh Sachdev is a global technology, operations, and supply chain professional. He has over four decades of experience with the US semiconductor industry. He started his career at Intel’s Livermore and Santa Clara factories where he held multiple senior management positions in process development, factory management, engineering and business management besides supply chain operations winning multiple Intel achievement awards with his teams. He was part of the Intel Chipset team and also managed overseas projects for Intel setting up a new assembly and test unit in Penang Malaysia. Suresh was the Vice President at Numonyx (Intel and STMicroelectronics JV company) where he managed global sourcing, procurement and related supply line support and later Senior Director for Sourcing at Xilinx where he managed silicon foundry suppliers. Thereafter he worked as Vice President at Qualcomm Technologies where he managed one of the largest spends on product sourcing and manufacturing through a number of foundry, assembly and test suppliers in the semiconductor industry. Since the last 7 years Suresh has been working as a consultant in the Silicon Valley doing contract work for the semiconductor industry. Some of his clients have included Power Integrations, GlobalFoundries and Lattice Semiconductor. Suresh holds a Bachelors in Technology with honors in Ceramic Engineering from IIT (BHU), a MS from the University of Illinois, Urbana and an executive MBA from Pepperdine University, Malibu. He is also a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified supply chain professional (CSCP). He is co-authoring the next book on future technologies with Sandip Sen as part of the series that will bring to fore how the broken global supply chain is going to affect the consumer worldwide and how we could cope the mammoth problem of shortages that may occur as we build two separate supply chains for a fractured world.

Future Next :

The conversation on future technologies starts with our book Innovative Technologies for Future Living to be published in September 2023 by CRC Press of Taylor and Francis publishing, Boca Raton Florida. Yet that is just the beginning merely sketching the role of a gamut of new technologies in our modern day lifestyle. In our next book being written with a semiconductor industry expert we delve deeper
and look at the technology driven supply chain shortages and how it is affecting our cars, mobile phones, consumer electronics, medical equipment, aircrafts, refineries, arms and space travel. Similarly another book on Generative AI and the future of AI will be penned with an AI expert while IoT, Robotics and telehealth will find their own thought leaders. But it is not technology alone that is driving change. Falling electricity prices due to onset of renewable energy is helping growth across difficult geographies through
what is known as grid less electricity. That is heralding a new future for 8 billion citizens of the world. Today Americans consume twice the energy used by Europeans, four times as much as the Chinese and six times as much as Indians and ten times more than a hundred nations of the world. With the advent of clean energy and energy prices going south (like data prices) the usage is bound to spiral
and future living for all will be radically different. In a next book we explore how sustainable energy researchers find low cost, low carbon energy sources and consumers and industries create new opportunities that change the way we live.

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Everyone who looks forward to learn from change and the trends of future living is welcome to join this platform. Write to us at ecothrust@itsfutureliving.com Or ecothrust@gmail.com